How to Use a White Noise Machine for Privacy and Productivity

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Once you learn how to use a white noise machine for privacy, you’ll always have an effective and affordable tool for ensuring privacy at work.

Whether you have a confidential conversation with a client or simply want to focus on your task, playing white noise in the background goes a long way.

Sound machines are also excellent for use at home or while traveling.

What Is White Noise?

With the popularity of communal work environments, more and more companies are favoring shared workspaces to promote better communication, culture, trust, and collaboration.

These days, office spaces are usually comprised of workstations all assembled in a central area where employees can work together.

However, shared workspaces are not without some drawbacks.

In the absence of walls and doors and the lack of ambient noise, you can hear a single conversation across the room.

Other times, the same workplace could be buzzing with lots of activities that make it hard for you to concentrate on your task.

Thankfully, a white noise machine can help.

A white noise machine is a simple device that generates soothing and relaxing sounds intended to mask ambient noise.

The exact sound of the white noise machine depends on the specific model you’re purchasing.

Most sound machines today feature digital recordings of specific sounds, while others contain a real fan inside that produce a whirring sound.

Simple models create a consistent hum while more advanced sound machines mimic different natural sounds like rainfall, wind, or crashing waves.

These intermittent noises help you enjoy your privacy at work or even in your home.

How Does White Noise Help With Privacy?

Sound machines help promote privacy at work by blocking external noise and eliminating distracting background sounds.

In open office spaces that are too quiet, anyone can hear conversations easily.

When the conversation is sensitive in nature, a sound machine can help mask it so other people won’t hear what you and the other person (or people) are talking about.

White noise machines can block eavesdropping by creating a “sound curtain“.

How Does White Noise Help With Productivity?

A workplace that is too quiet or too noisy can dramatically affect your productivity.

Studies have shown that working in a noisy environment can significantly reduce productivity.

In addition, noise is a leading cause of employee stress, frustration, and dissatisfaction.

White noise machines work by adding background noise to mask distracting sounds.

With how the brain works, external sound can cause you to divert your attention from what you are doing.

While that’s great when you’re doing different activities, it can be a real nuisance when you’re working.

In particular, it can distract you and make you feel stressed.

While fans are also great at reducing ambient noise, white noise machines are better as they offer a variety of sounds to help you relax.

Many models feature five or more sound selections, helping you choose the sound that is most soothing for you.

Also, white noise machines are more energy-efficient than fans.

Now that you’ve learned about its benefits, let us talk about how to use a white noise machine for privacy and productivity at work.

tip on how to use a white noise machine for privacy

Where Should You Place the Sound Machine?

You can put your sound machine anywhere in your office.

The most common locations people put their sound machines are on or under a desk or anywhere that’s near enough to block noises from other workstations or cubicles.

White noise machines are portable so it’s easy to squeeze them into any available space.

The device has a simple knob or button to adjust the noise level based on your needs or preference.

Good-quality sound machines are loud enough to cover any human voice or conversations in your office.

Most white noise machines can be powered by plugging the unit into a wall socket.

You will also find ones that can be powered by batteries.

Battery-powered units are a lot more portable and convenient to use as they reduce the need for cords or wires.

Follow these tips for finding the best spots to place your white noise machine:

Near You

Some machines are small enough not to occupy a lot of space.

Also, they have powerful built-in speakers so you need not place them close to your head.

If you’re using the white noise machine in your personal space or small office, place it at least three feet away from your head.

If you’re using the sound machine for privacy and relaxation at home, you can place it anywhere near you, such as under a desk or next to a chair, bed, or sofa.

Between Desks or Cubicles

If you’re working with multiple people in the same area, place the machine between two desks or cubicles.

This helps create an invisible barrier between two people.

White noise is a mixture of every day sounds like an air conditioner or fan that no one cares about so it’s going to be beneficial to you and your co-workers.

Top of the Computer

You can also place the device on top of your computer.

The fan-like noises coming from the machine can greatly block distracting noises forming from around the office.

Outside of Your Office Door

Place the machine outside your office door if you’re having a private conversation in a room. The sound machine’s whirr will ensure that all the sensitive information will be kept discreetly between you and whomever you are talking to.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Sound Machine for Privacy

When buying a sound machine for privacy, it’s important to consider the product’s size, sound, and durability.

If you’re using the machine for your workspace, look for a compact and portable unit that you can place anywhere.

The sounds produced are also important.

Do you like the whirr of a fan or air conditioner? Or do you prefer nature sounds like raindrops or ocean waves?

For masking private conversations, whirring sounds are best, while for focus and relaxation, then you may try nature sounds.

White noise machines that feature different sounds can easily switch from one tone to another, depending on your activities.

Using the White Noise Machine Correctly

A sound machine is an excellent tool for promoting privacy and productivity at work or in your home office.

It works by blocking noise, minimizing distracting sounds, and creating a ‘sound curtain’ for confidential conversations.

Place the machine near you for the best results. You can put it on your desk or near the wall partition of your workstation.

Don’t forget to choose a high-quality white noise machine that is loud enough to provide calming noise in your workspace.